What Others Are Saying!

Lindsay Rose

I had the honor of receiving a healing session from Anil and all I have to say is WOW. He was spot on with all of the insight he provided and I could feel the energy shiting almost immediately. He was able to clear and release energy blockages that were impacting my physical and emotional health. I felt clear, lighter, and more at ease quickly after our session and the days to follow. Anil is an unbelievably talented healer and his compassion for others is so genuine + deep. I would highly recommend his services and will definitely be back for more.


“I had a healing with Anil and I felt very safe and supported by his loving energy the whole time. For each chakra that he worked on, I could feel the presence within the chakra and knew that he was really connecting. His intuition and guidance were also very accurate! I felt much lighter after the session. Thank you Anil!”


“Anil is amazing to work with. He is very easy going, puts you at ease, and is very skilled and serious about his healing work. Light hearted and focused at the same time, he makes you feel safe to let your guard down. After the session I felt much lighter and energized”


“Thank you for your help! I slept better last night than I have in four months because the pain was less severe. I believe you helped me!”d.


“I found Anil thru a facebook post he did about his struggles with his hearing. It really resonated with me because dr’s can never figure out what is ‘wrong’ with me. I was diagnosed with IBS years ago but during quarantine lock down it mysteriously went away. Then recently it came back once I started venturing back out into the world. Anil helped me realize that I was at my best in quarantine because I was only having to deal with my own energy and that of my 2 kids and husband. I have been doing GCP every morning before I do anything else and I have seen a major difference in my physical body, my emotional wellbeing and my spirituality! The not throwing up is a bonus too lol”


“My experience with Anil’s distance healing was spot on. I found him to be a pleasure to communicate with & I resonated with his findings. I felt a deep peace after he sent healing to me. I would highly recommend Anil to all. I’m so glad he was divinely guided to me at this time. His advice was kind & gentle. An all round positive experience. Thank you Anil.”


“Anil offered his service on a local group we are a part of. I had never heard of a service like this before. He sent me a beautiful message that he downloaded for me. It was such a beautiful message and I appreciate the time he took to send it to me. I definitely recommend giving it a try. ”