Why Self Love Is Important & How To Love Yourself!

Aug 05, 2022

Love is only attracted when we can love ourselves. Without this fundamental concept dont expect to be loved by others. Only YOU can truly love yourself. 

Now you might think this is egotistical but its not. Only you know how to self love and what it means. Let go of expectations that someone is going to come on white horse and be your savior. That is egotistical. Save yourself first.

Self love is achieved by compassion, warmth and being easy on yourself. Forgive yourself. 

You came to Earth with a mission. You chose to learn these lessons. Get out of the victimhood state. It's a low frequency vibration and doesn't serve you. All our "mistakes" were lessons you intended to learn. They weren't just random "mistakes." Without learning them you cannot move further to your mission. And if you don't learn that lesson the same "mistake" will keep happening to you. Stop the blame and start going deeper inside.

 How to Self Love:

It's not them. It's You! Do deeper. Make a list of things that trigger you or simply piss you off about you, others loved ones. These are your top triggers. Then examine EACH one. Now, list them in priority order and then think:

"How is each of these triggers a mirror of me?"

What does this have to do with me? That person is pissing me off. That's what you are thinking but stay with me for a minute. 

Why is this person or event triggering you? How that this trigger expose a deep inner wound? What hidden inside me that is causing this trigger?

Work and heal that wound! - How?

Take on trigger at at time and understand it. Take it in. Feel it. Experience it. Bring your higher self in and ask what is this mirroring in you?

What's the REAL reason? Then release it, thank it for teaching you a lesson. Its gone now!

WARNING: Some triggers do require professional help so please evaluate these triggers before feeling them. 

A few more tips:

1. Look at yourself in the mirror every morning and say "I love you"

2. Never self criticize. Just say "Yep thats what I want to do

3. Be authentic - Speak the way you want to and not what others would think

4. Treat yourself, have that ice cream or buy that gift for yourself.

Once you have transmuted this you now have made space for self-love, compassion to come in. You will now find your ability to love and nurture yourself. 

You didn't "make mistakes." You are NOT the problem. They are NOT the problem. 

You learn, experience and release the energy. It flows out and love energy flows in. 

Its now time to love yourself. Not more time to be hard on yourself. Next time someone pisses you off, dont react, let flow through you...in and out......

Self Love if the key to your spiritual ascension!


Anil Gunjal