Did You Feel The Shift?

Aug 03, 2022

You didn't know what happened! It was sudden or you had an event in your life that shook you up.  One day you are living your life and POOF! Everything is different. You look the same, your family is the same, your friends are the same BUT you are NOT!

You have this sudden feeling of being alone. You have lost interest in things you loved. You start to question EVERYTHING! Why does everything feel FAKE? You want to be alone. Almost feel like crawling under a rock and being left alone. You rather stare at the stars all night than BE with people. 

Next thing you are spending nights on YouTube and searching the strangest stuff. You are watching odd documentaries on Netflix. You QUESTION everything and your friends and family think you have gone nuts. Society calls it a midlife crisis. Its NOT.

It's a spiritual awakening. You are waking up from the matrix. People call this a midlife crisis but its not. It's just a cover name so you dont start thinking you have become spiritual. The matrix doesn't want you to become spiritual so the control and manipulation can continue. But you are having none of it. Something needs to change so you start to dig deeper. And you start your journey down the rabbit hole. 

You come across things like "conspiracy theories." Can this be real? It feels right but I must be going crazy. You learn about the 1%, you learn about manipulation and control tactics. You think "have I been falling for this?" Then you STOP. This is nuts. You go back to your life and think you can "UNSEE" everything.

It doesn't last very long. A few months and you are back looking at those same videos. But now you are CONFUSED! Who is real? who is fake? Is this a scam? By now you probably had a reading from some people in the groups you met. Everything they are saying is lining up and accurate. It's just a coincidence it can't be real.

We are still in the denial phase. Then you start seeing things like Spiritual Ascension. And the symptoms. And you say OMG thats ME! You are still not convinced but you DESIRE TO KNOW MORE grows. Who do I go to? All these "leaders" but something about them rubs you the wrong way. They start pitching course after course. You have bought many but none of them have resonated. Some of these gurus are being worshipped like cult leaders and doesn't feel right.

You are lost, feeling lonely. You become afraid to speak up because there might be ramifications. Your friends and family laugh you off. You want to learn more, you want to meditate and connect with the divine.You even learn about galactic beings and this really resonates. You FEEL the alignment and want to continue down this path.

By now you are having physical alignments. They might even be turning into disease. You diet is getting worse, you are gaining weight and depression is getting worse. 

But you are ashamed to speak up. Most of the Facebook groups have become corrupt. You ask a question and you get blasted. Is there a path?

This is how I felt. There is a solution, there is a path. There are great communities here to support you. Now is the time to speak up and be YOUR TRUE AUTHENTIC SELF! It's time to be alive again. Become part of this awakening. Beautiful things happen once you get in touch with your higher self (still dont know what that means?)

I am here to help you and guide you! Let me know if this resonates with you! Check you my YouTube channel or contact me.

Anil Gunjal